Setayesh Babaei (she/her) is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary creator and a current graduate student in the IAMD program at OCAD University. During her undergraduate studies, Setayesh explored Toronto's lost rivers. Her passion took shape in the form of "Veins," a project that uncovers the historical importance of the city's buried rivers and imagines how they could shape Toronto's future water systems.

After becoming a mother in 2021, Setayesh turned her creative focus to maternal and postpartum experiences. Her current project, Mādar, delves into the emotional and physical challenges of motherhood, offering a heartfelt exploration of its burdens and blessings. Setayesh aims to raise awareness and encourage conversation about postpartum experiences, bringing people together through shared stories.

Mādar stands as a powerful testament to the transformative nature of art, fostering reflection and dialogue on the real, complex, and beautiful aspects of motherhood.